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Mar 14, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the same thing of romney and santorum their numbers would improve as well so i really think you know, we in the collective establishment if you will, the blame is on us. we are not holding our own guys accountable. >> in a perfect world what are a few of the keys that you want addressed during this election year, brought to the national discussion on, voted on ultimately? >> well, i do think that the key question we face is how to get our fiscal house in order without wrecking the economy. if you take out the loony arithmetic and you you know a simile basically keep doing the same policy that we have been doing, we will have greek level deficits for the rest of the decade. we are running about 10% of gdp, maybe down to eight that basically that is where we are. that is not sustainable. we often say that you know, if greece could have only printed its way out, it would have been fine. well, we at the printing press are at a committed. i don't know of anyone is noticed that the fed is committed to holding down long-term interest rates as well as short-term rates. they are already doing eve
Mar 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
in the united states, including john mccain said to start airstrikes now and on iran, mitt romney on sunday went so far as to say that if you are real estate, i ran with it a bomb in the world will change. how do you respond to those critics? >> a couple of questions they are, so let's start with the iran situation since that's been a topic in the news for the last few days. when i came into office, iran was unified on the move, had made substantial progress in the world was divided. but we've been able to do at the past three years is mobilize unprecedented crippling advantages on iraq. iran is feeling the bite of the sanctions in a substantial way. the world is unified. iran is politically isolated. and what i have said is that we will not countenance iran getting a nuclear weapon. my policy is not containment. that policy is to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon because it they get a nuclear weapon that could trigger the arms race that would undermine our non-proliferation goals. you can substantially fall in the hands of a terrorist within a close consultation with all of our allies
Mar 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the neoconservative and other elements to the administration and note in the news this morning it seems mitt romney is setting the terms to the obama administration and focus its critique of foreign policy. challenging mike tyson but i would appreciate your assessment. barbara? >> sure. it's to the apec convention where he pointed out the only way you can actually get a country to not build nuclear weapons decide not to build nuclear weapons if there is no other permanent way to start nuclear proliferation that is a key point. he's basically saying we have sanctions, we have other tools but ultimately it's going to have to be a decision of the government. he was saying in effect there is no military solution to the nuclear program even while he showed all options remain on the table. that's very useful, but we have seen mitt romney and others apart from ron paul from beating the drum for an even more aggressive posture toward iran to that of the obama administration. i think it's going to be very hard to get anything accomplished before the election in terms of something the would require u.s. conc
Mar 23, 2012 8:00pm EDT
a presidential candidate, mr. romney who has five stars. one was not join the circus and i don't know whether that is because of their religion or because of their father or what, but we've got to get away from this business of letting the people who are looking for a job or trade or way out of something better for the life after they graduate high school to do all the dirty work for us. what we have these realities, tv shows, but why don't we have a reality tv show that shows what the are doing him a families are going through that they are there doing this bad stuff for us. so mr. donohue, keep doing what you're doing. c-span, maybe you could have if you could have military generals. military generals say they don't want a draft, but their part in parcel and that really needs to be addressed and you would see a lot less of young kids going off. this is the reality. this is the heart of. no office occurred to me. and we won of prices. to run a short short list for an oscar, thank you very much. we sold the popcorn. this is not a taker girl to the movie, movie. it is brass and it is up close.
Mar 5, 2012 8:30pm EST
tomorrow morning from rick santorum, mitt romney, and newt gingrich, and leon panetta. watch live coverage getting underway on c-span 3. >> this crazy world of ours we have at tom bombs. the kiss not how to use them. the question is how to restrain from using them. anything that can get this country into trouble, it takes a wise noon get it out. >> we look back at 14 men who ran for the office of president and lost. >> shouldn't your president have the highest moral and ethical standards and be an example to our children and young people in this country? ask yourself that question, please. shouldn't his life make him a role model for your future children? shouldn't anyone you elect to this office always keep his promises? >> transportation secretary administration head discussed how his agency has adapted since its creation in the wake of 9/11. last john f. kennedy airport implemented a new program. pistole spoke and took questions. >> good afternoon and welcome to the national press club. i'm teresa warner and i'm the 105th president of the national press club. we are the world's leading
Mar 2, 2012 8:00pm EST
principle you could say president obama elect romney would be in a better position to surprise some people, many of whom unpleasantly by committing himself to ctp ratification. in any event, that is a melancholy note that i feel should be struck at the end of this conversation before we go to an open discussion. >> let me first thank the panel for all the enthusiasm they shared with us today. and let me now open the floor to questions. can i ask if you could identify yourself and affiliation and put a short question forward. you should have a microphone coming up. >> i'm director of the foreign policy at brookings. i haven't been drinking this morning but i was served up by suzanne and bob analysis of the situation in iran that completely shared but raised the question, one to suzanne which is is there nothing that can be done on the negotiation front to head off what looks like an inevitable military confrontation? and to bob, since your judgment was that the only effective way of dealing with iran's nuclear weapons program is to use force and repeatedly so, if we get to that stage, is it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6